Ruggles & Bohm 20th Anniversary

Ruggles & Bohm 20th Anniversary | Ruggles & Bohm

November 2, 2012 is a great day for us at Ruggles & Bohm. Twenty years ago our firm was established in a small office space on south Hydraulic, near downtown Wichita. In the years since, we have grown while also expanding our services, in addition to moving across downtown to our current location on North Main. To celebrate this milestone and being a part of the Wichita community, we have updated our look and launched a new website (thanks, Cassandra Bryan Design!).

Thank You For Helping us Reach the Ruggles & Bohm 20th Anniversary

One thing has remained the same and always will, despite the changes – our commitment to building strong relationships with our clients, making sense of sometimes complex issues in an understandable manner, and designing projects that met or exceed client needs. We thank all of our clients – present, past, and future – as we have built our successful foundation with you.