Wichita Mid-Continent Airport Parking Structure – July 2014 Update

With almost half of the construction behind us, the crews are making significant progress on the Wichita Mid-Continent Airport Parking Garage and Rental Car Agency Center. Driving by the airport, you can begin to visualize the scale of the parking garage as it continues to take shape. The crews are working day and night on the parking garage, currently pouring the third floor slab. As the third floor slab continues to cure, the columns holding the fourth floor are beginning to go up. Construction of the fourth floor will begin once the first columns have cured. Crews will actually be finishing the third floor slab when the first section of the fourth floor slab is poured.

Additional crews have been working on access to the parking garage with the entry/exit ramp, stair cases, and elevator towers. The second tier of the parking garage ramp (between the third and fourth floors) was recently completed while work continues on the stair and elevator towers.

Directly adjacent to the parking garage is the Rental Car Agency Center. The exterior walls have been framed and the metal roof is currently being finished to match the new terminal’s roof. With the exterior walls framed up, and the roof nearing completion, the crews have begun putting up the interior walls.

As the concrete crews continue pouring on the third, and soon to be fourth floors, the electrical crews have already begun running conduit and installing light fixtures on the first floor of the garage. The actual wiring and lights will not be installed until all of the concrete is poured, the parking garage floor has been striped, and wayfinding signs are hung.

The pedestrian canopies extending from the parking garage to the new terminal will arrive onsite the end of next week to be prepped, painted, and have their glass canopy installed. Stay tuned for our August update which should include the pedestrian canopies, fourth floor of the parking garage, and continued progress on the interior of the Rental Car Agency Center.

As construction continues, airport visitors are asked to remain aware for construction crews and follow information signage. Wichita Mid-Continent Airport construction updates and parking information during construction can be found at FlyWichita.com.