Wichita Mid-Continent Airport Parking Structure – September 2014 Update

Autumn is officially here – football is well underway with temperatures beginning to fall, but that only means construction at the Wichita Mid-Continent Airport is surging forward. September saw the completion of the parking garage 3rd floor slab with crews beginning to form and pour the 4th floor slab. Area A, which is roughly one third of the entire 4th floor slab, was poured while crews were forming and pouring the 3rd floor sidewalls and ramp landing areas.

The stair and elevator towers for the parking garage have been going up at the same time around the garage. Each tower is at a slightly different point in the construction process. The West Tower has stairs poured up to the 3rd floor with crews also forming the roof to be poured. Once the West Tower’s roof is complete, the crews will move to the East Tower to form and pour its roof. The North East and North West Towers are not as far along due to the crews working on the vehicular ramps in the same area. With the ramps nearing completion, crews will begin working on the North Towers more in the upcoming weeks. November will be a pivotal benchmark for the parking garage because all concrete pouring is anticipated to be finished.

Crews began framing up the exterior walls of the Rental Car Agency Center (RAC) in the beginning of September. While the crews are framing up the exterior, HVAC installation began inside. Shortly after the exterior framing began, crews also started framing up the interior of the RAC and roughing in the bathroom plumbing. The green insulation board began going up on the exterior of the RAC, prepping the walls for the metal sheeting installation.

October will see the second halves of the pedestrian canopies being installed, completing the full span between the new terminal and parking garage. Transitioning from Phase 1 to Phase 2 is scheduled to happen in October, switching the terminal traffic to the lane adjacent to the new terminal, completing the spine road on the North Side of the parking garage, beginning construction of the Exit Plaza, and reconstructing the short term parking lot.

Stay tuned for the Wichita Mid-Continent Airport October Construction Update next month. As construction continues, airport visitors are asked to remain aware for construction crews and follow information signage. Additional Wichita Mid-Continent Airport construction updates and parking information during construction can be found at FlyWichita.com.