KSPE Intern Engineer of the Year Award – Dakota Zimmerman

Dakota Zimmerman KSPE Award 2015
We’ve got a proud humblebrag this week for one of our own.  At the Kansas Society of Professional Engineers annual conference in Wichita on June 18, Dakota Zimmerman was honored as KSPE’s Intern Engineer of the Year, this after taking home the same honor earlier in the spring from the Wichita Society of Professional Engineers.

Dakota joined Ruggles & Bohm as a Construction Inspector in June 2012 after graduating from Iowa State and his intensity and drive were instantly apparent (he did play football for the Cyclones, after all).  Right away, Dakota was assigned to challenging projects, such as inspection of new public infrastructure at the Ambassador Hotel and new city parking structure in downtown Wichita.  First projects can be daunting, especially in the high pressure environment of an active construction site, but he handled it with ease.  After that project was complete, he shifted to inspection of new surface parking lots and drainage for Bombardier Learjet.  His biggest challenge was to come though.

Ruggles & Bohm was afforded the opportunity to work on the design of the new parking facilities at Wichita Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport, work we continue to this day as we have shifted to construction administration.  It was only natural that Dakota be a part of this $40 million job.  For two years, Dakota has provided daily inspection and observation of site construction on the project, including utility relocations, installation of new sub-grade infrastructure, and installation of new parking and vehicular circulation elements.

Perhaps his biggest impact to date has been finding ways to make our workflow better between field operations and the office.  Dakota has been instrumental in creating a digital workflow in which our field teams- surveyors and inspectors- can work on a job site digitally, with complete access to plans and other project files, without the need to carry bulky paper copies of plan sets.  This new digital workflow revolves around the use of iPads and cloud-based storage of information.  Daily reports, site photos, as-builts and mark-ups can be shared between the field and the office and stored online for easy access by clients, in real-time, enhancing communication and efficiency.

Please join us in congratulating Dakota on this well-deserved honor.

Learn more about Dakota here.