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Land Surveying Services

No matter the type of project, the first step is to develop an understanding of the project site. Surveying and mapping are essential aspects of any project in which accurate spatial location is critical to successfully finish the project – from topographic and boundary surveys to construction layouts. No final design decisions should ever be made until after developing a complete understanding of a site. Our surveyors take pride in being very thorough and accurate when collecting the data which every person working on the project will rely upon. Without an accurate survey, some existing elements may go unnoticed, which can create some very costly decisions if discovered during construction.

Our survey operations utilize state-of-the-art survey equipment such as electronic total stations with automated data collection and satellite GPS receivers using similar automated data collection. Gathering the data with cutting edge technology enables our surveyors to efficiently package and deliver the data in a variety of formats. We can provide our clients with digital information in a variety of formats to assist in the planning, design and construction staking of any engineering or architectural project.

With decades of accumulated experience, our surveyors have surveyed thousands of acres through the years. This extensive experience enables our surveyors to always look for improved and more effective methods, whether it is a better process or new technology. Contact our surveyors to get an accurate and precise data set that will leave you with all the information required to complete your project.

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Construction Services

The following is a summary of our construction engineering and inspection process, describing how we integrate technology to continually improve our work flow and communication.

  • We use on-screen take-off software for quick and accurate quantities.
  • Inspectors are equipped with laptops, iPads and smart phones with all the specifications, plan sets, inspection forms, and quality reports at a touch of the fingertip through the use of the cloud storage and WiFi access anywhere in the country.
  • Inspectors have access to non-destructive testing equipment to evaluate paving materials and soils before paving operations begin to ensure compliance with specifications and contract drawings. Our inspectors are LPA-certified through the Kanas Department of Transportation.  Each possess certifications in both inspection (asphalt, concrete, structures, bridges, and environmental), QA/QC (concrete) and testing (asphalt and concrete).
  • We collaborate between the field, office and client through the use of cloud technology to upload documents, pictures/videos, and reports, giving off-site personnel access to information as soon as it’s uploaded. This allows the off-site engineer to see everything that is occurring on-site without being required to step foot on-site.

Surveying Services

  • Subdivision Platting
  • Platting
  • Architectural Surveys
  • ALTA/ASCM Surveys
  • Engineering Surveys
  • Construction Staking
  • Zoning
  • Zoning Representation
  • CUP and PUD Plans
  • Legal Descriptions
  • Mortgage Title Inspections
  • Boundary Surveys
  • Aerial Survey Controls
  • Construction Staking and Inspection

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